Stop the Occupation!
Bring the IA Guard Home
No Business As Usual
Direct Action at STARC Armory -
The Iowa Pentagon Building.
Nov 15 & 16

Plan to attend the Saturday Nov 15th State Wide Anti War and Occupation Conference and a Sunday Nov 16th legal demonstration and direct action at the STARC Armory in Johnston IA.

The Saturday Conference at the Olmstead Center, Drake University at 28th and University Ave in Des Moines. The Drake Chapter of the National Layers Guild hosts the Conference. There will be workshops in the morning. Nonviolence Training and Direct Action (Civil Disobedience) planning will be held in the afternoon. There is an evening program with John Farrell, an Iowan from Voices in the Wilderness, just recently returned from Iraq, as main speaker. See Voices in the Wilderness web page

The Sunday Legal Demonstration and Direct Action (Civil Disobedience) starts at noon across the street from the main gate at the STARC Armory at 7700 NW Beaver Dr, Johnston IA. Any one considering doing direct action (risking arrest) must attend the nonviolence training and direct action planning session, Sat Nov 15th at Drake.

The STARC Armory is the Headquarters of the Iowa National Guard dubbed the IA PENTAGON BUILDING. It was the site of an Anti War demo in which 16 people were arrested last March 22nd.

Hospitality available. Participants are welcome to spend Friday night Nov 14 and Saturday night Nov 15 at the Des Moines Catholic Worker. If you will need a bed or any other special considerations please call the Catholic Worker ahead of time. (515) 243-0765

Nov 15 Saturday Conference Schedule

All Sat’s events take place at the Olmstead Center at Drake University, 28th and University Ave. DM.

8:30 am Registration

9:30 am - 10:30 am Workshops

#1 The Veterans For Peace (VFP) Iraq Water Project. Discussion of the ongoing effort to supply drinking water to the Iraqi people by the Veterans For Peace organization. Chante Wolf will give the workshop. Chante Wolf is an Air Force Vet of the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. She left the military under an early out program and has been an active member of VFP in Mpls MN.

#2   Roots of Terrorism The barbarism of terrorism is inseparably connected to the barbarism of a global economy that grants vast wealth and power to a few, while condemning billions to material deprivation and economic insecurity.  In this workshop we shall examine some of the economic mechanisms perpetuating this second form of barbarism.  Presented by Tony Smith IA State Uni and author of Technology and Capital in the Age of Lean Production.

#3 Palestine / Israel – To Talk about the Palestinians. This workshop focuses on how to present the Palestinian case for peace with justice and includes practice opportunities on how to dissent in favor of the Palestinian people. Lead by Betsy Mayfield from Axiom Media in Ames <<>. Betsy is a long time advocate for the Palestinian people and the Lebanese-American Uni. Beirut Lebanon representative the last seven years.

11 am - noon Workshops

#1 Panel discussion about why veterans should be against this and any war. Presentations by Twin Cities VFP member Chante Wolf, and former combat Marine Bob Watson. Bob Watson is a disabled Vietnam veteran, member of Disabled American Veterans, VFW and a candidate for Iowa’s 2004 U.S. Senate seat.

#2 Pax Americana. Discussion of U.S. foreign policy aims since 1990, with special emphasis on post-September 11 and the relation between military and economic imperialism. Tom is a professor of Spanish at the University of Iowa and Latin America editor of the International Socialist Review.

#3 Civil Disobedience, An American Tradition by Frank Cordaro, Des Moines Catholic Worker. Frank Cordaro is cofounder of the DMCWer and has been a nonviolent resister to war over the last 27 years. He has served 44 months of jail time for his acts of civil disobedience.

Noon - Lunch

1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. *Nonviolence Training

3:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. *Direct Action Planning

* Anyone participating in the Sunday Direct Action will need to attend both the Nonviolence Training and Direct Action Planning

7:30 p.m. Evening Program - Speaker John Farrell from Voices in the Wilderness. John is an Iowan just recently returned from Iraq. See Voices in the Wilderness web page

Nov 16 Sunday Legal Demo and Direct Action

AM - Final details and decision making for Direct Action

Noon - Rally and Legal Demo across the street from the main gate of STARC Armory, 7700 NW Beaver Dr, Johnston IA.

*Direct Action component is a separate matter, details yet to be worked out. Any one considering doing the direct action must attend the Nonviolence Training and Direct Action Planning sessions on Sat Nov 15th.

*Every one participating in the legal demonstration and in the direct action effort must adhere to the following nonviolent guidelines:

We everyone participating in Sunday’s Demo and Direct Action to reflect upon and respect these commitments to nonviolence during the demo.

Accordingly ---- We will carry no weapons. -- We will not vandalize. -- We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs. -- We will not swear or use insulting language. -- We will not run in public or otherwise make threatening motions. -- We will not assault -- either verbally or physically -- those who oppose or disagree with us...even if they assault us. We will protect those who oppose us from insult or attack. -- We will honor the emergency decisions of the empowered coordinators and organizers of the demo. -- Our attitude as conveyed through words, symbols and actions will be one of respect toward all -- including police officers, military personnel, members of the larger community, and all demonstrators, friends and foes alike. -- If prosecuted we will use the judicial process to continue our resistance. Where possible, we will put the US illegal, unjust and immoral occupation of Iraq on trial.

For more information contact:

Frank Cordaro - Catholic Worker,
ph (515) 243-0765 cell # 490-2490

Patti McKee - Iowa Peace Network,
Ph (515) 255-7114

Brian Terrell - Catholic Peace Ministry,
Ph (515) 255-8114

Sherry Hutchison - DM Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Ph (515) 244-2753