Norman's Whereabouts

Our neighborhood finally has a grocery store! It's called Top Value Foods. I thank Franklin Green and the other investors. I am praying that they will be around for a long time. There is also a McDonald's being built across from Top Value. I think it's a good idea, but a soup and sandwich shop would be better and healthier.

I am still working at the interstate rest area. This year, besides growing tomatoes and peppers, I will be trying to grow onions and lettuce. At the Catholic Worker House, I am growing roses. I have a plot in our community garden where I'm growing marigolds, tomatoes and peppers.

Quite a few people have plots in the community garden. Everyone is doing a good job at planting stuff, and it is beautiful. Ed Fallon and 1,000 Friends of Iowa have installed a bird house in the garden and I would like to add a bird bath as well.

A few nights ago, I was a victim of a hit and run. Of all the places to get hit-it was at the gas pumps! My car was hit but I was not hurt. I felt bad that they didn't stay around to see if I was okay. Luckily someone got their license plate number. I am praying for the person who did this and hope some good will come out of it.

I am still working on my diabetes. I have been working with other diabetics that I've made friends with. We talk about our problems with diabetes and share information that might help each other. We give each other projects to work on. For me, I need to cut down on drinking pop. Another person is cutting down on fried chicken because it's so greasy. And someone else is cutting back on the TV and doing a bit more exercise. When we meet, we do things like weigh-in on a scale, check our blood sugars, and wash each other's feet. We do a little walking and a lot of talking. We are always looking for other diabetics that would like to join in with as, as we see this as a good way to be supportive of one another.

If I am not with my friends, than I am out at one of two places watching the buffalo. Jester Park or the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge are some of my favorite hang outs. I really love to watch the buffalo and also watch the prairie change with the seasons. There is a Learning Center at the Wildlife Refuge, and I believe that if Bishop Dingman were still alive, he would find time to be there.

I also take time to clean out my room at the Worker. There are always a lot of things to do like cleaning and sorting donations. I am never alone in my travels, work and learning, or even when I play. God is with me and He is with all of you. I thank you as always for your time.