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excerpted from Trashing Trident

by Rachel Wenham, Aldermaston Trash Trident Affinity Group

The Trident programme really is one of the crudest displays of a patriarchal system of control by threat, the most-followed male strategy of getting what they want i.e. by violence and the threat of violence.


1. Anyone who objects, does something different to what they’re told or simply doesn’t agree with the over-balance of appropriated power held by the ‘individual’ (/US) gets threatened with a punch (/bomb).

2. If dissent & self-determination carries on they get the punch/bomb.

3. If dissenter is not cowed to absolute fear and subjugation, go to –

4. Dissenter gets punched into hospital/bombed until infrastructure is decimated, food and water sources rendered unfit for consumption, long term damage is inflicted to the environment caused by toxic weapons and the bombing of oil wells, chemical plants, nuclear power stations etc. etc.

5. Powerful one justifies action, denies they did anything wrong and maintains it was in everyone’s best interests, not least the assaulted as they’ll come around to acknowledge their wrongdoing in provoking the attack in the first place.