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‘Now we stand within your gates, O Jerusalem’ – Ps. 122:2*

In the wee hours of Nov 23 2004 I arrived in the ancient city of Jerusalem.

I was anticipating a working vacation. My intent was to meet Mordechai Vanunu face-to-face, and help him as much as I could with his computer work.

Unfortunately the authorities confiscated his computer and have so far refused to return it, so there was not much help I could provide there.

But I did get to visit with Mr. Vanunu during that week, and I saw many of the sites – and sights – of one of the most important cities in the world.

Like Berlin during the time the Germanies were divided, Jerusalem is a place where East meets West in the middle of the city. Also like Berlin, the word ‘WALL’ comes to mind.

But Jerusalem is also a convergence point: language, faith, culture and history all intersect here, from a million different directions. Not to mention the amount of play it gets in the Scriptures!

So I have described in this narrative some of the vantage points from which I saw and experienced this beautiful city. These views include the voices of people whose words spoke to me that week from the printed page: Bishop Riah Abu el-Assal, Uri Avnery, Angie Zelter.

I hope some of these words might speak to you too.

Peace! Gail

* This was the Psalm reading in the Book of Common Prayer for Nov 23, the day I arrived.