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excerpted from the
Resistance and Hope rap

by Brian Quail, Local Heroes Affinity Group

Resistance is private and personal,
It is the quite and unremarked daily rejection
of all that degrades and debases.
It is the silent and solemn persistence
in not surrendering to the system.
Resistance is keeping our inner vision
clear and intact.

Resistance is public and political,
It confronts the bloody face
of militarism and money.
Defies Moloch –
pitiless idol and power and wealth
ever hungry for sacrifice,
for our children’s blood.

Resistance is Faslane Peace Camp
saying we’re staying,
tunnels and tree tops telling
Evict the base, not the camp.
Resistance is blockading Faslane’s gate,
it is cutting the cagewire at Coulport.
Cold Hell where Creation is defiled,
and the Creator reviled,
And we are shouting:
‘ Hell, No, we won’t glow!’

Resistance is disobedience
to the gods of metal,
to the voices that howl hate,
to the prophets of profit,
to the seekers and preachers of power,
to the merchants of murder,
to the buyers and sellers
in the temple of hope...

So I am telling you:
If you are not saying no,
you’re saying yes.
Silence is consent,
silence is complicity.

Walk the talk.
If not you – who?
And if not now – when?
Get active – not radioactive.
Don’t spectate – demonstrate.
Don’t sit on the fence – cut it
like all those women did
at Greenham Common.
Remember Rosa Parks.
Get your butt to the front,
And the front is Faslane,
Experience empowerment.
Live liberation through participation.

Resist Trident – Celebrate hope

We will overcome!