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excerpted from Commotion

by Sheila MacKay, Gareloch Horticulturalists Affinity Group

Bit by bit the public seem to be grasping the enormity of what Trident means. We are paying billions of pounds for the mistaken idea that we are dended by a huge deterrent weapon system which will never be used. The reality is that we don’t control when and if it will be used. It is constantly ready to be used and there have been some very close shaves already. If it is ever used it will destroy the democracy that people think they are defending by having it – and at the same time destroy much of the planet. We have created a terrible legacy for future generations.

When I think about Trident I either adopt the ostrich position or else the terrier emerges and I have to get out and do something about it.

excerpted from We’re All in the Same Boat

by Jane Tallents, Local Heroes Affinity Group

But there among the many conversations comes Trident, the unfinished business of the last century. And gradually all the long patient explanations, the passionate speeches from the dock in Helensburgh District Court, the hours standing in the rain with a banner start to pay. At the gates of Faslane on 12 February when one police officer was asked to move in and arrest people, he looked at them, and said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do this,’ and walked away.